Pato Banton

Our friend Pato Banton joined us. Pato was Grammy nominated for Best Reggae Album, "Life is a Miracle" in 2001. He was awarded BBC's Lifetime Achievement Award and the Black Music Award for Lifetime Achievement, conducts musical workshops for disadvantaged children all over the world, and is a community organizer of many child education & technology programs for the Arts. Pato created a school of Musical Arts and Technology and became Assistant Director of creative studies at South Birmingham College, one of the biggest and best colleges in the Midlands and UK.

Dr. Philip Calabrese

After Catholic school Dr. Calabrese studied mathematics at IIT in Chicago. His first research paper (on alternating infinite series) was published as a sophomore. In 1969 Phil realized that his basic connection to God is direct via the inner mind of each person. After graduating he taught mathematics. Later he was an analyst and scientific computer programmer. A paper on the foundations of logic and probability allowed Phil to return to mathematical research with a 1990 award from the National Research Council.

The loving father of four children, he is active in a small United Christian Church choir and hosts a study group. Phil is writing a book on science and religion based on the teachings of The Urantia Book.

Pierre Chicoine

Pierre Chicoine shared his visionary understanding of the future of the 21st century. Pierre, a reader of The Urantia Book reader for over 35 years, and hosted a study group for 20 years in Anaheim, CA. He is a musician, futurist, and lover of science, technology and history. Recognized as one of the pioneers of automated computer designs, he utilized one of his 3-d based automation programs to create an interactive, animated 3-d trip to all the architectural spheres from Earth to Paradise, based on his synthesis of teachings from The Urantia Book.

Since 1981, Pierre has automated a myriad of businesses from small to large. He created and set the standard on the first fully automated, computer-based, technical publication maintenance system for all the airlines that purchased the McDonald Douglas MD11 aircraft; first computer-based mapping system for new home real estate developers' information system for banks; first 3-d based, automation front end for computer control of power plants; viewing and control system for Fairview Development Center in Costa Mesa which spans a square mile.

Pierre writes, "We are in an unprecedented eruption of change. We are in a marvelous freeing transition that will forever change the way the human race deals with its environment. Embedded automated intelligence and control of our entire environment, such as nanotechnology, nanomorphing and automated vehicles. The home, business, medical, government, learning and energy systems are transforming to remove our survival problems. Every aspect of everything we do in our daily lives have and will be radically transformed for the better. This is the time for The Urantia book and, who knows... maybe more."

Eric Cosh

To appreciate the backdrop of the time in which Jesus was born, recorded as August 21st in The Urantia Book (TUB), Eric Cosh shares vivid details of The Joshua ben Joseph Project interspersed with studies of pertinent passages from TUB. He and David Kantor are producing a stunning archive of high-definition video and photographic resources, filmed in Israel and Jordan, for use by readers of TUB, with an emphasis on the creation of study aids and general reference resources for Part 4, "The Life and Teachings of Jesus."

Eric's background is music and acting, having been a former member of The New Christy Minstrels and the duo of Eric & Errol. He has been involved professionally in film and photography since 1990. He was introduced to TUB in 1972 and he began his journey of studying with other readers when he moved to Oklahoma in 1980. Later moving to Arizona, where he currently resides, he became a Charter member of The Grand Canyon Society. Eric met David Kantor at TUB Snowmass International Conference in 1981 and shortly thereafter they began discussing filming in Israel, with their vision becoming a reality this year.

Ann Garner

Ann Whitehead Garner was introduced to The Urantia Book in 1979. She has been a study group facilitator, a member of The Fellowship General Council, and Director of North America Area Coordinators. She also served at Whole Life Expos throughout the U.S. introducing the book. Ann is an emeritus member of Thanks-Giving Square Interfaith Council and an ordained Christian Minister. She taught computer software and English as a Second Language at The University of Texas at Arlington and was a Vice President of three national companies.

Marvin and Francyl Gawryn

Marvin and Francyl Gawryn joined as we continued our Secondary Works series. Francyl and Marvin, parents of twin daughters, have been married 25 years.

Marvin, a counselor, gleaned insights from his book, Reaching High: The Psychology of Spiritual Living. Employing a unique blend of psychology and spiritual insights, he dives to the heart of the major spiritual issues of our times: Human Will and the Unified Personality Will and the Emotions; Loving Wisely; Family Life and God Concepts; Changing Self-Dislike to Self-Respect; Putting Failure and Guilt Where They Belong; The Purpose of Inner Conflict; Building Spiritual Habits.

Having studied The Urantia Book since age 17, Marvin has been active in The Urantia Book Fellowship for more than 35 years, and has been a dedicated study group leader over the past 25 years. He has practiced as a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist for 30 years, engaging in an extensive amount of spirituality work (Centering Meditation) with clients.

As a vital part of her spiritual journey, Francyl has used her poetry and music writing as a means of articulating her evolving sense of the sacred. This journey has included episodes ranging from feeling supreme moments of being saturated by God's love to wandering through lost-in-transition spiritual deserts to practical hands-on ministry with children and teens. She also gained great insights from a four-year period when she lost her singing voice. Currently she is exploring the universe of writing orchestral and choral music through an Interdisciplinary Program at Marylhurst University while working part-time at a non-denominational Christian church. Francyl's latest CD, Songs My Father Taught Me, is a magnificent collection of old and new songs, some previously released, which gather insights from these different periods and spiritual perspectives, giving musical wing to her poetry.

Dr. Gard Jameson

Dr. Gard Jameson has a long service history in the Urantia community and has been influential in the growth of the Interfaith movement. He offers Urantia Book inspired insights to his classroom students and religious colleagues while he reminds Urantia Book readers about the pearls of wisdom in all the world's religions. His knowledge of eastern philosophy and ancient mythology, and how these relate to living a contemplative life style, engages people from all walks of life.

Gard is a Urantia Foundation trustee and Urantia Book reader since 1971. He is a professor of Asian philosophy and religion at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. He received his Ph.D. from Pacifica Graduate Institute in Comparative Mythology with emphasis in Depth Psychology. He is married to Dr. Florence Jameson with two children, Michael and Julia.

David Kantor

David Kantor shared his keen insights and as you can tell by the brief overview of the show, his in-depth research and knowledge is superlative. For hundreds of thousands of years humanity existed in a relatively stable relationship with nature. But then suddenly within the space of a few thousand years, agriculture, animal domestication, complex irrigation techniques, temple construction, trade networks, large-scale social systems, writing, and much more appeared on the stage. What caused this sudden and radical change in the human situation? Listen to the archived show as we consider the archaeological, anthropological, and literary witnesses to this still-unfolding drama.

David is a retired technical software developer who has been a reader of The Urantia Book since 1967. He has been active in readership affairs since the early 1970s. He is a past member of the Fellowship's General Council and Executive Committee, where he served as chair of the International Fellowship committee. He has traveled extensively, attended study groups, and spoken at conferences in both North and South America as well as in Russia and Eastern Europe. David has managed the Fellowship's IT services since 1995 and still manages the Fellowship website which gets well over 1,000,000 visitors a year, accessing both English and Spanish language Urantia Book resources. He was a charter member of the Golden Gate Circle Society in the San Francisco bay area. He currently resides in Denver, Colorado, and is a member of the Rocky Mountain Spiritual Fellowship. He is an active member of the Colorado Mineral Society and enjoys spending time in the Colorado wilderness.

Sheila Keene-Lund

Sheila Keene-Lund, author of Heaven Is Not the Last Stop, joined us in our ongoing Secondary Works series. Sheila was raised as a Catholic and after two near death experiences at a young age, she began to search for more complete answers about life after death than those provided by Catholic doctrines. She embraced Eastern mysticism at the age of 18 and for over twenty years these blended beliefs co-existed in her spiritual repertoire until she honestly questioned their effect on her life. Sheila found The Urantia Book in 1992 and has devoted much of the last fifteen years to writing Heaven Is Not the Last Stop which reflects her journey to reconcile the differences. It has been a journey of research and reflection, of theoretical and creative insight, putting the Big Picture of Existence together.

Sheila was Marketing Manager a local software company before starting her own business and developed a set of twelve standard operation procedure manuals pertaining to all aspects of nursing home and assisted living environments. She founded the Adopt-a-Grandparent Foundation, whose mission was to promote meaningful relationships between the elderly and the youth of the community, developing a unique program for matching grandparents to youth and documented the system so that it could be introduced in any city.

Suzanne Kelly

Suzanne Kelly interacts with the Symmetry of Soul team regarding her brilliant modern day Iliad, Elan Vital Suzanne currently holds office as Vice President of the Lone Star Urantia International Association (UAI), and was past President for two terms. She is the Editor in Chief for the UAI Quarterly Journal She received her Master of Science Degree in Organizational Leadership from Our Lady of the Lake University, San Antonio, Texas.

Malcolm Locke

Malcolm Locke joined the Symmetry of Soul team as we continued our Secondary Works series. Malcolm began reading The Urantia Book in 1973 when he discovered it tucked away on the bottom shelf of a bookstore. Since then he has been an avid reader and interpreter of the papers. Realizing how its great length and complexity put off many people, he decided to prepare a brief introduction to the book's principal teachings. As a college professor for many years, teaching literature and history to thousands of undergraduates, he acquired a sense of the style required for popular presentation. Through incorporating insights from The Urantia Book into his lectures, without speaking of the book directly, they were made available wide audience.

Malcom's book, The Urantia Revelation: the Structure and Meaning of the Universe Explained is a succinct and lucid digest of The Urantia Book (TUB). For those who are not familiar with TUB, his book provides a quick overview of the papers which may perhaps result in them reading TUB for its exquisite details. Those familiar with the big blue book will also find the brief compendium of great value, summarizing as it does the whole complex story.

Russ McClay

Russ McClay of Taiwan was introduced to The Urantia Book as a teenager nearly 40 years ago. As a young student of the world's religions, teachings and philosophies, the book has provided the perfect foundation to appreciate all of them.

Russ left his native home of the United States and moved to Taiwan in 1987 where he initially continued his studies in Chinese language and culture and eventually entered the field of computers and internet technology. He and his wife of 19 years have two daughters who are 17 and 15 years old.

Over the last few years Russ has experienced a deep and renewed interest in The Urantia Book which continues to enrich his life in many ways. His dedication to being of service resulted in creating "word clouds" for every paper of The Urantia Book which are seen at the onset of each paper of the on-line version at

Charles Montgomery

Charles Montgomery was introduced to The Urantia Book in 1969 by SoS cohost, Kermit Anderson. He is a past member of the Fellowship's General Council. He has created several Urantia-inspired posters and a YouTube video "Ascent to Paradise." At the 2011 conference in Salt Lake City, he coordinated a "Happening," where musicians, dancers, painters, and readers worked on a 16-foot canvas that was torn into 64 numbered paintings and given away.

Charles has a BA from Harvard in Architectural Sciences and an MPA from USC. He has been a City Planner, College Instructor, Renaissance Fair Gamesman, and Property Investor. He and his wife are currently managing a retreat center in Taos, New Mexico. Charles enjoys studying the superlatives in the Urantia Book.

Denver Pearson

Denver is the author of The Sandal Maker. Denver wrote The Sandal Maker under the name of A. Michaelson. He has been a reader and dedicated student of The Urantia Book since 1970.

Denver was born in California but raised in New Mexico and calls Santa Fe his hometown. He received his degree in fine arts with minor studies in English, philosophy and secondary education from the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. For many years he lived in Colorado where he was very involved with the Urantia community along the front range. As well as being an artist and author, he is also an accomplished musician and songwriter. In 1990 he recorded an album of original songs called "On the Wings of Faith" inspired by The Urantia Book. Many of these songs are now available in video form on YouTube under the heading Urantia Music.

The Sandal Maker is an attempt to gain a better understanding of the teachings of Jesus and to also know how it might have been to actually be on the scene, among the crowds, as he taught his followers, preached the good news and suffered in his last hours on Urantia. The story takes place in 70AD, 40 years after the crucifixion, as an elderly Jew and his daughter set out from Cana along the river Jordan trail on their way to Jerusalem which is under siege by the Romans. The old man wants to deliver the notes he scribed as a young man as he followed the Master and his Apostles. As the old man and his daughter struggle to stay alive on this dangerous journey, he tells her the story in his notes, the mission and teachings of Joshua ben Joseph.

Althea (Allie) Southwick

Althea (Allie) Southwick, ignited our Secondary Works series. Allie's heart and soul has been directed towards preserving values through children's literature. She taught grades 1-6 for 23 years (Headstart, reading and math grades 1-6, in a team teaching inner city school setting) plus serving 10 years on the board of Treehouse Children's Museum in Ogden, several years in community Education, parents classes and workshops on Reading and Children's Literature for college, State Library, UEA (Utah educational Association), International reading Association. She authored "Hands-On Concept in Language (Reading in five stages regardless of age)" and "Preserving Values Through Reading Children's Literature."

Allie's most rewarding experience and challenge of her 80 yrs of life is publishing the remarkably enlightening and entertaining Goose Fables, a series of Fables written for all ages. The special goose characters are: Fixer-Mixer, Quacky-Lacky, Scoopy-Dupey, Braggy-Naggy, Inspector-Detector, Trendy-Pendy, Sager-Gager, and last but not least the "HEART VOICE". These personalities depict human traits we all experience: ego, pride, concern, fear, taking risks, sharing and accepting differences. The Goose Fables help us see how we can TUNE our inner guidance capabilities, the "Heart Voice", a key tool for thought and behavioral change.

Tamara Strumfeld

Our special guest, Tamara Strumfeld, provided insights which she applies in her daily life as we wrap up this month of changing seasons with more about different models of Contemplative Prayer.

Tamara found The Urantia Book eight years ago and finds its teachings profound and transforming. She was so inspired by them that she moved to Chicago to work for Urantia Foundation. She has been practicing Contemplative Prayer for several years and finds it to be a cornerstone in her spiritual life.

Join us as we investigate further what The Urantia Book teaches about communion, prayer, meditation and worship, and how these disciplines intersect with our quest for personal and social evolution.